Wednesday, 16 November 2011

Gopher Grabber Suction Cups Fall Short

At first glance, the rubber suction cups present on the Gopher Grabber pick up tool may appear to be ingenious. However, according to customers who have used it, the suction cups fall short, leaving them with the option of replacing their Gopher Grabber or purchasing a different type of pick up tool, such as the Grappler. By understanding how the Gopher Grabber and the Grappler work, individuals can decide which is best for them.

Suction Cups versus Flexible “Fingers”

The Gopher Grabber features rubber suction cups on the ends, which grab onto items when individuals use it. The difference between this and the Grappler is that the Grappler’s ends feature rubber, rectangular “fingers” that can be used to pick up items as small as a tooth pick. While the ideology behind the suction cups is good (the suction cups should help the Gopher Grabber pick up an item more securely), the reality is that it just doesn’t work in many cases. Customers often complain that this grabber tool can’t perform small tasks, like pushing a button to turn a computer on or picking up something as small as a paperback book. The Grappler’s strong fingers can easily grasp most items.

Stripped Screws with the Gopher Grabber

In addition to poor pick-up performance, the Gopher Grabber comes with another design flaw. The suction cups are held on with screws through the middle. After a lot of use, these screws strip out and the suction cups come off. This is one of the chief complaints of this grabber tool, and many customers have said that their Gopher Grabber tool has broken in the very same place. Unfortunately, customers can’t seem to find any place that sells the screws and suction cups to replace them, so once the suction cups are broken, the tool is worthless. This means that individuals have to purchase another type of grabber tool, or another Gopher, risking it breaking again.

A Stronger Grabber Tool

Customers who have purchased and used both the Gopher Grabber and the Grabber tool say that the Grappler is stronger and can lift heavier items. Though the shaft is aluminum (to keep the product lightweight), it is strong enough not to bend or flex when picking up heavy items – even those that are more than a pound in weight. Many of the customers who are very happy with the Grappler have first purchased and been dissatisfied with a Gopher Grabber. While the Gopher may work for some individuals, those who will be putting the grabbing tool to more use and lifting heavier items should probably rely on the strength and durability of the Grappler.

Return/Refund Policies

With the flaw in the Gopher’s suction cups, individuals might think that there’s an easy return or refund policy that will allow them to receive a new one should their current one break. However, that policy is more elusive than it should be. It seems that there is no actual website for the Gopher Grabber, although it is sold through several ecommerce sites online. Those who try to find the return or refund policy will come up empty handed, while the Grappler’s return policy and guarantee is plainly available on their website. Customers who are not happy for any reason with the Grappler can return it for a full refund or replacement – and that’s a lifetime guarantee.

Customer Satisfaction

The majority of customers who have purchased the Grappler are very satisfied with the way it performs, and many of those customers have used a Gopher prior to purchasing the Grappler. However, those who have utilized the Gopher Grabber repeatedly report problems with the suction cups and bending of the shaft when trying to pick up larger items. Individuals who read customer reviews before purchasing will quickly see that the consensus is that the Grappler outperforms the Gopher in every situation.

Overall, while the suction cup theory is a good one, customers who purchase the Gopher Grabber aren’t likely to be satisfied with the durability and strength of the unit. It may work fine for individuals who plan to use it very rarely, and who don’t plan to pick up anything weighing over a few ounces. For those who want a stronger, more durable pick up tool, the Grappler is the best choice to make. It’s lightweight, strong, durable, and comes with a lifetime guarantee from the company.

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